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When to Log a Ticket?

Any time there is an issue with data being delivered from system to system, please use this portal to log a ticket for our support team. A couple of exceptions are listed below. Evaluate the following prior to logging the ticket if possible:

  • Is there a required field that is blank, or another data issue, with the record in question? Consult the field mapping document provided to your team.
  • Does the integration cover the flow of data you are expecting? Check out the Integration Solution Architecture document provided. If it's not included but should be, let us know!

How to Log a Ticket?

  • Select the 'Submit a Ticket' option from the landing page or main options bar.

  • Add your email and name in the requester section (name field will pop up once email is filled). Your email will be used for communications relating to this ticket.
  • Fill out the following fields of ticket information:
    • Priority: Please use the following parameters and matrix to identify the priority of the fix as accurately as possible. Overstating priority will lead to inefficient support.

      Integration Category: This will be listed in the integration solution architecture document provided by Dispatch.

      Integration Severity:
    • Subject: This should be a brief overview of the issue in question mentioning: the number of impacted records (one or many), the issue in question, and the source and destination systems. 
      • Example: Many records not showing up in google sheets (Freshdesk to Google Sheets)
    • Description: Should include a more in depth description of the problem, the records in question (please provide the ID, a descriptive field, and outcome for as many impacted records as possible), whether the error is recurring or isolated, and any additional context that will help the troubleshooting process.

What Happens When a Ticket is Logged?

Our team shall triage all the incoming enquiries at first hand and contact the requestor. If the task requires technical analysis, a technical specialist will be assigned to the ticket. The assignee will be troubleshooting the issues and get back to you with analysis and the steps that we can proceed on. If this is an enhancement, our technical team will assess the effort. The account/project manager shall relay back to the customer with a suggested solution before the next step. 

Process at a Glance

Quality is the priority

Rest assured that we are still the same people at Dispatch who are always staying on top of things and provide the best quality of support and services to our customers. By introducing the new support process, it shall increase visibility of the requests and therefore one of our available resources can attend to it as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your attention. We look forward to working with you in the ongoing future. 

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