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When an integration activity takes place in Workday, it is automatically assigned a status. Sentinel uses the status field to help you categorize the priority based on the tag of the integration system. Sentinel uses a prioritization matrix approach to coordinate the event statuses against groups of integrations by using tags.

Workday has the following integration event statuses:

  • Processing
  • Aborted
  • Failed
  • Completed
  • Completed with Warnings
  • Completed with Errors
  • Not Run Due to Exceptions on Future Processes

Based on the list above, the Alert Severity Management screen will let you define the priority that is customized for your needs based on the intersection of the integration system tag and the event status.

Special tags

There are two special tags that act as wildcards:

Default/No TagUse this virtual tag for defining the priority of alerts when the integration system does not have a tag assigned to it.
AnyThe "any" virtual tag to capture and define the alert level for all integration events that hasn't otherwise been defined. In other words, use the Any tag after defining the specific settings for other groups of integrations.
If the any tag is not used, the integration events will not have any priority and will not be alerted upon.

Defining your alert status priorities

 This process will set the overall priorities for events based on tags. This is an administrator task only, regular users cannot adjust the alert priorities as it may affect others.

  1. Login to the Sentinel Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Alert Severity Management page
  3. Review the current settings. Tags are defined down the left with a grid emerging across for each of the event statuses mentioned above.
  4. Add a new tag by clicking "Add Tag", setting the appropriate priority for each of the statuses. Then click Submit to save the new configuration.
  5. To remove a tag setting click the red x at the end of the line.

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